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To create an Atlas account, you must be an admitted Valencia College student. New students: please wait until after you have received your admission letter in the mail before you try to create an Atlas account. Note: access to Atlas e-mail may take up to 24 hours after you have created your Atlas account.

Note: If you are a former (inactive) Valencia College student who has not registered for classes in two or more years, you must reapply for admission before you can access your Atlas account. Inactive students do not require an Atlas account to request official transcripts; click here for more information about requesting official transcripts. Reach out to one of our Student Support Services if you need additional assistance.

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By clicking submit below, you confirm that you have agreed to the usage statement (your Atlas account will be created). If you are a new student, please wait up to 3 hours before attempting to complete Part 1: Online Orientation or Dual Enrollment Online Orientation. Helpful Tip: Write down your user name, password, Secret Question, and Secret Question Answer and keep them in a secure location. You will need your Atlas username and password every time you log in to Atlas.